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There’s always the Travelling Lemon, for instance?

Oh, of course – the very thing!

The Lemon is in Play
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The travelling lemon begs you to become a fan of Cabin Pressure
The travelling lemon was brought into life by the brilliant John Finnemore.

CAROLYN: Right. If that bloody woman thinks she can tell me how to act in my own – what is the matter with you two, then?

MARTIN: Nothing.

DOUGLAS: Nothing.

CAROLYN: Well, obviously something. Ooh, hang on, I’ve just realized – I don’t care. Douglas, I have decided that on this flight, I require some mildly but not life-threatening unprofessional amusement with which to wile away the time.

MARTIN: Carolyn, no!

DOUGLAS: What a good idea!

MARTIN: Carolyn, I specifically gave Nancy my word that –

DOUGLAS: There’s always the Travelling Lemon, for instance?

CAROLYN: Oh, of course – the very thing!

MARTIN: What, what’s that?

DOUGLAS: Not come across the Travelling Lemon, Martin, in all your professional experience? Well, player one strolls through a full passenger cabin, chatting to the adoring public of this or that topic of interest, and as he goes, he casually secretes somewhere where it can still be clearly seen, a lemon or other citrus fruit, as mutually agreed by the players and referees before match play commences, but I’m a traditionalist and favour a lemon.

CAROLYN: And then, player two goes out, finds it, retrieves it, hides it again. Now what’s our record, Douglas?

DOUGLAS: I believe on that night flight to Miami, we achieved a rally of sixteen.

CAROLYN: Well, I’m sure we can top that.

DOUGLAS: Doubtless. Shall I go first?

CAROLYN: Oh, by all means.


DOUGLAS: Back soon.